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Front End Developer


  • travis.lawrence12@gmail.com
  • San Francisco, CA


  • react js
  • typescript / flow
  • jest / enzyme
  • redux
  • styled components
  • webkit / gulp / grunt
  • ruby / php / python / go
  • mysql


BS Theoretical Physics

Univ. of California at Riverside

1999 - 2004

Riverside, CA

MSc Audio Acoustics

Salford University

2005 - 2007

Manchester, England

Dev Bootcamp

Summer 2013

San Francisco, CA

The rotation of languages and technologies year over year is part of the job, and I'm comfortable knowing that there will be more to come in the years ahead.


Uber / Software Developer

April 2019 - Current

I was on the Marketplace Experimentation team and built out their experimentation platform. My work included building out mocks, and implenting features backend to frontend. My final feature built was a "tags" system in which I built the tables, migrated the database, and implemented the UI.

Tumblr / Front End Developer

November 2016 - April 2019

I worked on the commenting system (Notes & Activities team) for Tumblr's web platform. During my time a complete re-write of the web client was undertaken and I rebuilt the notes interface in ReactJS and Typescript with 100% test coverage using Enzyme and Jest.

Sincerely Inc. / Full Stack Developer

May 2014 - November 2016

I rewrote Sincerely's internal Admin system as a web client using AngularJS and Grunt. During this time I began working with PHP to build out API endpoints needed for the Admin client to interface with. My backend work also included MySQL database management including writing migrations and querying the database directly. My final project was rebuiling www.sincerely.com as a web client using AngularJS.

50 Cubes Inc. / Junior Developer

October 2013 - April 2014

I used the MEAN stack to create Wardrobe.me, a social network focused on fashion and clothing. Various ideas were prototyped and built out for the site including quiz games that focused on clothing and brands and a reward system using online coupons.


Prior to Web Development I was an acoustic consultant for 6 years in San Francisco. I spent a lot of time measuring noise, crunching data using Excel VBA scripts, and writing reports.