About Travis!

I grew obsessed with spreadsheets and data tracking in 2008 when I was finally learning what a recession is. I started with counting where every dollar I earned was being spent. Then I wanted to know how efficient my gas mileage and expeditures were. Then I wanted to know fast of a runner I was. Then I wanted to know how fast of a cyclist I was. Then I wanted to know how much money I was saving by cycling. It even got to the point where I wanted to see how often and where I was posting at the the web forums I visited most (mainly www.macrumors.com). That was an interesting use of time.

Perhaps I was a little obsessive about my tracking stats? Perhaps...

Most of the time this data was being kept in some crazy spreadsheet along with some ridiculous graphs, but I felt the results were worth the pain of using MS Excel so much. After a few years of this I was turned on to the DevBootcamp by a good friend and from there on I knew that I needed to stop wasting time in Excel and probably ante up and learn a proper programming language, or two.

Anyway, after switching away from Acoustical Engineering to pursue web development I knew that my obsessions of tracking data had been opened up to a whole new set of tools. Currently I am a front-end/fullstack developer at Sincerely Inc. and a happy dad and husband at home in San Francisco.