Redundant Robot is a little site I built that, for several years, has mainly been home to my SheepShaver tutorial. Since becoming a web developer I like to hack away on some of my ideas and post them here for people to check out. Feel free to give a shout out on twitter, and if you're curious, you can learn more about me!

SheepShaver Tutorial

I wrote this Mac OS emulator tutorial in 2008 during a serious bout of graduate school procrastination. It offers up some ROMs that I have collected over the years and I do my best to help out people that who have questions.

Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) Chrome Extension

This is a Chrome extension that replaces your new tab screen with a random APOD image. There are multiple key commands and buttons available for selecting another random image or to view todays picture. I am a big fan of all things outer space and I've had the APOD as my home page for years.

Build guitar tabs

I learned to play guitar using guitar tabs of popular songs but I was never inspired to write out songs in tablature due to having to format .txt files. I wrote this basic guitar tablature writer that allows quick entry of chords, notes and lyrics, then creates the .txt file for you.


A close friend of mine wanted to learn to play piano by mapping piano keys to the keyboard. So I built out this keyboard-piano (key-iano) that plays most notes of the middle range of a piano. Sort of an unfinished demo.

Digital Clock

This was a clock I made using only <divs> and CSS (with a little JS). The background changes color according to the hex color value it represents.